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This is my fourth and final still life, “Cup of Tea and Jewelry Box.”

Upon discovering a couple of painting books, one on watercolor and the other on oil, I discovered glazing. Apparently, the art of layering transparent washes of color to paint, rather than using opaque dabs of paint, is called glazing. It makes use of the bright white of the paper, and imparts its own quality and style to the painting, like what you usually think of when you think watercolor.

The painting was a little complex, and my technique is still under development at this point, which is why it took me two weeks to finish this. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing at first and spent the first week mystified, only to learn that my problem was that I was using too thin solutions of paint. That meant that to reach the right color I had to glaze a bunch of times, waiting for each wash to dry before the next. The second important thing that I learned, and I could’ve only learned this from experience, was that I should paint and glaze the backgrounds and shadows on everything first, making use of my newly purchased masking fluid and masking paper, then add the color and details. Finally, my watercolor wash skills could use improvement, and I did feel myself getting better the more washes I had to do.

All in all, I think I did well for my first time painting using only glazes, as watercoloring should be.

I’ve been thinking that next month’s theme should be “plant life.” Yup. I like it.



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