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Art Project: Plant Life

I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is no longer a “weekly” art project. Good news is I’m back, after a grueling semester, a rough bout with influenza (from which I’m still recuperating), and all around misery of graduate school applications (hello next year’s round of apps? Sigh.)

Finally done, this a scene from a garden in Sedona. I did not want this painting to be done with perfect realism, but something else. I’m not sure if I quite captured what I wanted. There’s something I really like about this and something not so much. This will leave me thinking… perhaps I’ll return to it whenever I figure out what it is that is bothering me.

Rana, this post is dedicated to you =)


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I had not forgotten this blog nor did I stop painting.

I just seem to have taken on a slightly more time consuming and detailed painting than I had anticipated. Sometimes you never know just how much work a painting will require until you are half way through, and realize that it took you over 2 weeks to get there!

In the meantime, I thought it’d be nice if I just posted some pictures of my current painting at different steps along the way. I found it cool to see how the painting progresses and goes through different stages (some not so flattering) on the way to being complete.

I started by painting the brown base for the large pot in the background with burnt sienna, and using medium yellow to paint all the light green leaves and yellow highlights of the large bunch of small white flowers in the foreground.

I continued by painting a base for the red flowers and blue pot in the foreground. I used Prussian blue over the yellow to get green where needed. I also painted the base hues of the walkway to the side which is bluish white, but goes from a red/purple hue in the background to a darker shadowed one in the foreground. I then painted a layer of Prussian blue over the background pot.

This is my painting as it is right now. It’s finally starting to take shape. I added more yellow, blue, and green to the leaves, highlighting their veins and shadows. I also added little shadowing to the flowers while I figure out what my next move should be, along with a red layer for the background pot. I painted the darker side leaves with several layers of viridian hue (which is a bluish green color) and black. Plus a little more shadowing and random details all over.

I think the reason all of these take so long with me is I’m always uncertain how to proceed. I need to think a lot on it until I get a good idea and just do it.

Until next time when, hopefully, you’ll get to see this all done.

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