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Tissue Peonies

I love peonies. Now, I’ve never actually seen one in real life (I know, I know) but that doesn’t stop them from quite possibly being my favorite flowers.

When I saw this blog showing a do-it-yourself way of making peonies from tissue paper, I was thrilled, because I never seem to find the actual flowers here, whether in flower shops or looking for seeds. I wanted some on my desk but didn’t want them quite as big as she made them in her blog and more within the limits of an 8-10cm diameter sphere. So here’s my slightly adjusted recipe for making gorgeous peony tissue paper flowers.

1a- Take 3 normal tissue papers and cut them in half.

1b- If you’d like different color flowers, get colored tissue, or alternatively (like I did) just get some watercolor and use a brush to gently dab a light solution of your favorite color. Leave to dry on a tray.

2- Layer the 6 halves on top of each other, and fold into an accordion shape.

3- Tye a string in the middle to hold them together, and cut the square edges to create a curved or circular shape.

4- Carefully separate all the individual tissue layers from each other, opening up your flower.

5- Find some sticks. I have a dried up basil plant on my window sill, so I got 3 sticks. Make sure they are of an appropriate length to the vase you end up using.

6- Paint the sticks green, and leave to dry.

7- Find the string amid all the “petals”, add glue, and push the stick in. If you need to, hold it in place for a minute until the glue dries.

8- Place your flowers in a vase or glass, snip the edges until they are arranged just right.

9- Enjoy the view.


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